Wednesday 5 June 2013

Netball wrap-up


Division 1

Ringins showed Crocs 1 they're determined to prove they belong in the division, keeping a close score in the first half. Crocs 1 managed to stay ahead with final score  39 - 19. Best and Fairest: Rochelle Miller & Jasmine Quaid.

Cougars & Crocs 2 battled in a fierce game, with both teams playing fast and hard. Crocs defence was outstanding, but as usual Cougars goal accuracy was spot on. Final score 26 - 13. Best and Fairest: Viv Orr & Megan Pooley.

Division 2

Crocs 3 claimed their first victory over Ramada Rebels with both teams hungry for their first win. Final score 32 - 26. Best and Fairest: Belinda Morris & Jess.

Dynamite & Young Jets had equal scores through each quarter both fighting to gain the winning the point. Final score ended in a draw 16 - 16 . Best and Fairest: Talhia  & Jess Eagle Rowe.

Division 3

Breakers are getting stronger every week, but couldn't quite keep up with Gunners. Final score 22 - 14. Best & Fairest: Jess & Renee.

14 Reps are certainly closer to their debut in July, showing On The Spot why they are the best. Final score 28 - 6. Best & Fairest: Tyler Mous & Catherine Mills.



Round 8 for the Junior 10s started with the Beach Babes playing the Mixed Pink team in blustery conditions. 

Both teams got straight into some action-packed play, with Mixed Pink communicating well and maintaining pressure on the Beach Babes for the entire game. 

Octavia Cobb and Alyssa Jones worked well together in attack, with Libby Buzza scoring a Pinks goal. Courtney Geddes and Alex Brown had all the right moves in attack, and Mia Schreiber and Sophee Watson played hard till the end.

Final Score 4-1 to the Babes. 

On Court 2, the Young Stars played the Minkes, with the little Minkes putting up some great defence against the Stars. They are quickly learning team work and demonstrating improved passing skills. 

The Stars ran away with the game 7-0.  The Coral Deen awards went to Michaelyn Parkes, Kacy Baxter, Andie Heidke and Evie Cotton.

The Diamonds played Extreme on Court 1 in the 12/Under competition. Extreme were hot on defence against their older rivals, and did an exceptional job in making plenty of intercepts and forcing the Diamonds to work hard for their victory. 

Final score Diamonds 14-9. Best players: Jenna Kerswell, Faith Kempster, Heidi Pashen and Jasmine Kirk.  

The Saints played the Pythons on Court 2, with both teams were fast and furious in defence. Fauve Salleras and Jordan Scott were unstoppable for the Pythons, with Keely Harold and Maddison Santarrossa just as good for the Saints. 

Talesha Carswell, a returning netballer and new player for the Pythons, stepped up to the challenge and was great for her second game back. The Saints kept the Pythons running from start to finish. The last quarter was edge of your seat stuff but the Pythons slithered their way to victory. 

Final score 5-1.

The 14-16 competition on Court 1 saw the Young Guns 1 take on the Strikers. The Strikers scored more goals in the first quarter, although the Young Guns had the ball in their circle with attempts 9 to 7, but couldn't get the goals.

By the second quarter, the Strikers were under pressure to score with just 5 goals from 15 attempts. The play was even from then on, with the better scorers taking the game.

Final score Strikers 15 - Young Guns 11. 

Best players Lana Baxter, Elle Kadwell, Ella Dodds and Jemma Fasano

On Court 2, the Hot shots played the Young Guns 2 team. The first half had the Hot Shots up by 2 goals and many more attempts. The team played high pressure netball, but dropped away in the second half with the Young Guns scoring well. 

Best players Robyn Bruening, Brittany Bowen, Kourtney Briggs and Savaanah Scott

Final score Young Guns 2 17 - Hot Shots 13.

DNA would like to thank our very generous sponsors for supporting our Juniors team wear:  Looking sharp Young Stars - Troy & Kath Baxter, Extreme:  Julatten Primary School,  Diamonds: Douglas Raiders, Hot Shots: Daintree River Cruises, Strikers:  Malone Painting, Young Guns 1: Pink Real Estate, Young guns 2: Beach Terraces, Young Jets: Beach Cafe.