Friday 21 September 2012

The Great Comedy Debate - Far North Queensland Style!

Welcome to the 2012 GREAT COMEDY DEBATE at the Clink Theatre. Following in the tradition of the comedy debates of the Melbourne Comedy Festival our annual tackles the statement “FOOD is better than SEX!”

We project that this question should create lots of local interest!

One team fights for the affirmative, while the other goes for the negative, trading blows (some below the belt) with nothing but their wit and intellect to protect them.

They’ll battle it out, bout by bout, until one goes down for the count. Bribing the judges is encouraged. The audience will cast the final vote!

On the night of Friday October 12 the bar will open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm. There will be a short interval and the show will run for 80 minutes.

Negative Team (pro-sex): Ben Radford (Tour guide and lover of all things), Glenna Lynes (Clink theatre and Big Spunk) and Sam Evans (Iron Bar and Sex Bomb).

Affirmative Team (pro-food): Dave “00” Evans (Owner of Goodies Café and all-round funny man), Natalie Johnson (Flames of the Forest Marketing, Wining and dining), Kristie McDowell (Yacht Club glamour set).

Adjudicator: Nicole Carnaby (Director TNT Co and high school drama teacher).

Mediator: Bruno Bennett (Cane toad commentary and fancy dress sophisticate).

TICKETS: $18 adults and teens/$15 members at ORIGIN ESPRESSO & GOODIES CAFÉ and online at Opens external link in new

For more information call 0437 367 868.