Thursday 22 November 2012

So you think you can think

High-class trivia has come to QT Resort Port Douglas, with the now legendary Quizmaster Kevin 'K-Star' Eldridge taking the competition to a new level.

Every second Thursday starting tonight, great and no-so-great minds will think alike and head to QT's stylish Estilo bar for three hours of trivia and entertainment.

K-Star has run trivia evenings at a number of venues in Port Douglas, but is looking forward to tonight's launch at QT.

"There's definitely a better prize pool which will reflect the resort's five star nature. People get a chance to dress up and feel good about themselves," he said.

"This is sophisticated, classy, snazzy, high-brow trivia.

"We're going to take it to another level and get harder questions, and really test some of the more brainy people around town."

K-STAR TRIVIA QUESTION - What does the word 'Estilo' mean?

As first prize QT Resort Port Douglas will offer up one night's accommodation for two people in a one-bedroom villa with breakfast included.

"I can reveal that Flames of the Forest have come on board, (as have) Barbarella & Swan, Finz, Zinc, Seabean, and Salsa, Solar Whisper, and that's just to name a few," K-Star said.

So what attracts people to test their wits against fellow trivia buffs?

"It's just a good social event and it does bring out the competitive nature. Even if some people don't have all the answers, there's generally one or two questions throughout the night where they'll know it and they'll feel good about it when they do," K-Star said.

All are welcome so teams and individuals are encouraged to get along. Trivia nights start at 6.30pm and conclude at 9.30pm.

QT Resort Port Douglas' Public Relations Manager, Wendy Porter, said the resort has been successful in attracting strong local support, and the new trivia nights add another string to their bow.

"We wanted to do a few regular nights to keep the locals busy over the wet season, something fun, something different," she said.

By the way, Wendy was quick to answer K-Star's impromptu trivia question.

"Estilo means style, and that's what we're going for."