Thu 03 June

Throw a QLD prawn on the barbie this Queensland Day

Queenslanders and their mates are being asked to celebrate their state in a campaign aimed at restoring pride in the prawn industry.


Focusing on Queensland Day this coming Sunday 6 June, a simple mission has been put in place via the internet asking all Queenslanders, to have a barbie, albeit swapping their snags for locally-caught prawns.


This ‘online’ campaign is a collaboration between the Queensland Seafood Marketers Association (QSMA), and the Australian Prawn Farmers Association (APFA) to promote Queensland prawns to Queenslanders.


“When it comes to promoting prawns, the natural place to start was the net,” said campaign manager, Ben Hale. “Spearheading the activity will be a video on YouTube encouraging Queenslanders to observe their state’s foundation day on Sunday, 6 June with a meal of Queensland prawns.”


Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation Associate Director General Bruce Turner said the campaign was designed to be a fun portrayal of Queensland.  "This campaign is certainly a little left field compared to other seafood promotions,” Mr Turner said.  "But I think the most important message I hope people take away is the need to get behind and support local product.
“Queensland has a strong prawn industry with aquaculture in particular being one of the fastest growing primary industry sectors,” Mr Turner said. “Efficiencies within the industry have developed significantly resulting in a bumper production of prawns this year".


“In fact, prawn aquaculture production in Queensland has increased by 1200 tonnes or by over 30 per cent to over 5000 tonnes over the past 12 months.  This means Queensland’s aquaculture industry is estimated to have a gross value of more than $102 million in 2009/2010".


“I hope this campaign helps to further boost this growing industry.  Queensland has a strong prawn industry with aquaculture in particular being one of the fastest growing primary industry sectors,” Mr Turner said.


According to Mr Hale, the Queensland prawns, Queensland Day video takes an entertaining and comical approach to  highlight the habits of Queenslanders – be it their irrational fear of daylight saving or the state’s population of deadly native animals.


“The video even manages to take a swipe at the proposed internet filter; arguing that we all have a right to search for prawn online,” he said.


Mr Hale said the Queensland Prawns website - - has been designed to encourage people to try their local produce, support local industry and educate Queenslanders about the nutritional benefits of prawns.


“Prawns are a real superfood; zero carbs, one quarter the fat of lean beef, one-seventh the fat of skinless chicken - yet with more protein and fewer kilojoules than beef, pork, lamb and chicken".


“We know that Aussie kids eat way less seafood than they should, and it’s a shame because prawns are much easier to cook and prepare than most of us think".


“The website, also carries a strong educational content which gives readers insights and information into the different species – be they Bananas, Kings, Tigers or Endeavours - what they should look out for when buying prawns and being able to spot good from bad.  Naturally, the site also features recipes, tips on how to peel and store Queensland prawns,” said Mr Hale.


The video can be seen at