Thu 03 June

National Library of Australia requests Port Douglas Mag

Newsport Publishing are delighted to be able to report that The National Library of Australia in Canberra requested a copy of each of the quarterly editions of 'Port Douglas, The Jewel of the Pacific Rim' magazine as they are published to be deposited in the national archive.


Editions 1 and 2 have already been sent down as requested and Newsport received grateful acknowledgement, with the words "Your publication is a valuable addition to our collection and we would like to continue receiving it. Please add us to your mailing list for provision of one free deposit copy of each future issue".


It's good to know that our National Library thinks that the Port Douglas magazine is an essential addition to their collection of materials relating to Australia and the Australian people and history. It's a credit to all our contributors and advertisers for making it an acknowledged showcase for Port Douglas.