Fri 13 August 2010

Business focus - WindSwell Kite Surfing

If you've taken a stroll along Four Mile Beach chances are you've seen a kite surfer skimming across the water. And if you've seen a kite surfer then it's also highly likely they've been taught by Port's very own kite surfing company 'WindSwell'.

WindSwell has been teaching students of all ages how to kite surf since 2004 when owner, Brett Wright, moved to the area and started the business of attracting people to try Australia's fastest growing water sport.

Having been born in Perth and growing up on the south coast of New South Wales, 'Bretto' has lived his life in the water. "I use to run a water sport equipment hire business in NSW, but when I visited Port Douglas I fell in love with the reef and decided to move up here." he said.

To the uninitiated, kite surfing looks like a cross between wake boarding and parasailing, especially when surfers launch themselves off a wave metres into the air. Speeds of over 90km and hour have also been reached, but as they say you have to learn to crawl before you walk, and that's where Bretto and his team at WindSwell come in.

Introductory lessons from qualified instructors will give you a taste of the sport which has become more popular than windsurfing, mainly because it is easier to learn the basics, you don't need arms like Arnie and it's much easier to transport the gear.

WindSwell have lead the way in making sure their equipment is the safest on the market, so if you loved the experience during your lessons, they also hire and sell gear so you can kick off your kite surfing career.

"We sell quality new and used gear and you can get everything you need to get into the sport for about $2,500." Bretto said. "It's a really addictive sport that gets you fit so it's good value for money."

WindSwell have expanded their services to include stand-up paddle tours. You can try before you buy with free lessons at the market every Sunday, catch some waves or cruise at Four Mile Beach, or see the Low Isles from a different perspective on one of WindSwell's Nature Trail trips designed to be more than just a fun day out.

"We've got three tails to paddle around at the Low Isles ranging from a beginners to an advanced route," Bretto said. "We get people to help monitor turtle numbers and provide other data which helps in the conservation of the area."

Locals will receive special offers so contact WindSwell on 0427 498 042, or check out their website.