New bands music to our ears

Monday 18 February 2013

New bands music to our ears

9 March promises to be a day of change in our region. But some will breathe a sigh of relief in the news that it will have nothing to do with politics.

Slaphappy!, the Radio Port Douglas duo of Phlegm Arhbizmahl and Bernard Beers (pictured) have taken on the task of bringing new, original live music to Port Douglas with a festival at the Port Douglas Yacht Club.

Bernie, the driving force behind the event, said there was a gap in the local music scene that needed to be filled.

"I was tired that no one seemed to be bringing many original bands to town," Bernie said. "No disrespect to the local covers musos, most of them I count as friends, but I really wanted to see some decent bands come and rock out with us."

For just $5, a fee that goes directly to the bands, punters will get to experience a broad spectrum of music with the line up including Jobstopper (ska), Peyote (stoner rock), Sworf (described by Bernie as "straight up, balls out rock") and Meat Bikini ("like Bad Religion, but with more VB").

"One of the guys (from Peyote) mentioned that no one had ever asked them to play up here, so I figured I'd just have to do it my damn self. So I did," Bernard said.

Phlegm backs the idea, believing the Port Douglas event is sure to attract a throng of live music lovers from around the region.

"It's taken the drive and ambition that Bernie has shown to make it happen.

"And what a venue for it!" he said.

Where: Port Douglas Yacht Club
When: 5pm, Saturday 9 March
How much: $5

Check out Jobstopper's video shot on tour in Far North Queensland in 2012 (strong language warning).