Blue and Green was one to be seen

Thursday 14 February 2013

Blue and Green was one to be seen

The Douglas Cricket Association’s long anticipated match against itself for competition one day points arrived last Sunday at home on a dry, hard, even wicket.

Both teams, Muddies Blue and Muddies Green, assembled strong teams and took advantage of being able to choose specialist Number 12 players to either bowl or bat only.

Blue, on paper, had the best batting side and Green the best bowling side despite rivalry suggesting the junior bowlers of Green would be inferior to Blue’s Senior batsmen.

Blue Captain Cody won the toss and Green was sent in to bat minus the late arrival of their opener Harrold. Skipper Doble immediately turned to the small-framed junior Hayden D’Addona to open with Darlington.

Blue’s Johnson and Bendle took the new ball and the competition was underway with tight bowling just short of a length for some eight overs as Green tickled singles and accepted eight wides as sundries to reach an opening partnership of 23 before the watchful and talented D'Addona was dismissed having blunted the attack for five runs. Hodgson took the tidy catch off Johnson's bowling.

Garry Postans, a valuable all-rounding newcomer to the club, took the ball in the ninth over with immediate success as Nick Tither completed the catch to dismiss Darlington (9) leaving Green 2/23.

Postans bowled a more difficult and consistent line and length than the openers, rewarded with two further wickets in consecutive overs including the dangerous big hitting Harrold (7), and then bowling Butters (7) off an inside edge Butters. Green 4/39.

After the drinks interval Hodgson captured Redfern (1) in the deep via continuing strong Blue catching, this time by Johnson, leaving Green a very shaky 5/39.

In form Miglioranza and specialist bat Walz teamed up to resurrect the innings, the latter via calculated pushing of the ball between gaps for ones and twos. and Miglioranza taking the aerial route for a couple of boundaries.

The safe hands of Postans rewarded Chandra’s bowling with the Green score at 78 as Miglioranza (16) was dismissed having doubled the team score in one partnership.

It was no surprise when Doble received a bouncer, somewhat wayward by Bendle, for a leg side wide first ball. But the second delivery cannoned into the stumps off an inside edge from well outside off with no score to give the pacey Bendle his only wicket.

When Barnes (3) fell superbly caught by slipping Cody to Chandra, Green were 8/86 with two overs remaining.

Team mates of Green discussed that 90 plus runs should be enough if recent bowling performances could be repeated, while Blue licked their lips at taking on a low total that became 9/96 at the end after Walz was bowled by Chandra who took honours of 3/11 over Postans worthy 3/24.

Another Green junior seemingly underrated by the Blues commenced the bowling innings to the experienced Taylor and Hodgson (who must be averaging around 50 from his last few innings).

Butters bowled with the greatest control of the season, at one point have 0/5 off three overs, but it was Sorensen who found the top edge off Taylor (7) caught by Butters in gully, Blue 1/12.

Very quickly earning full respect, Sorensen tore apart the achieving Blues batsmen; Hodgson (3) bowled by a full length yorker, but unable to complete his hat trick, Sorensen waited just three more balls to clean bowl Bendle (0).

Blues looked even shakier at 3/12 in the seventh over with all wickets to a junior, but Logan Marsh strode to the crease and showed very strong intent from the start, off the mark with a boundary and demonstrating clear batting talent as he nonchalantly took paces down the wicket and whipped bowlers to the leg side.

Cody attempted to follow similar pace as the two partnered for a recovery of 37, but the bowling change of Miglioranza (1/11) brought about the Blues’ skipper’s dismissal caught in the deep by Harrold for 9.

The Blues passed the halfway point in runs at 4/49 off just 13 overs. Marsh continued as Redfern (0/12) was brought into the attack as was D’Addona to surprise the Blue's batsmen with accurate, fast deliveries.

Blues at 4/67 had 11 overs to score the last 30 runs to beat top placed Greens, but D’Adonna (2/12) broke through after tying down big hitting Rob Gaul (2), well caught at cow corner in the deep by Darlington.

The introduction of “Green Weapon” Doug Barnes followed with his spritely in swingers. The Blues looked to Marsh to finish as quickly as possible, but when their only player to reach double figures fell caught by Harrold for a very threatening top score of 39, the Blues were humbled at the end by Barnes who finished with figures of 4/9 in his fifth over.

Blues collapsed to lose 6/13, all out for 80 and 16 runs short of the small Green total.

Respect to the juniors and all match players for an incredibly hard fought game! Both teams battled their excitement and disappointment to ensure the post-match get together showed club cohesion.

Green built a gap in first position and Blue rightfully still held onto finals hopes in what may yet be another match within the club. We’ll keep you posted.

Blues this week are at Griffith Park and Green are at home on Sunday 1.30pm. This season has produced some very exciting cricket as the sponsors attending will attest, so get down and enjoy.