Queensland - The Shale Oil State?

Thursday 14 February 2013

Queensland - The Shale Oil State?

The Australian Conservation Foundation has labelled state government plans to lift the ban on shale oil mining as "crazy".

ACF spokesman Tony Mohr said the shale oil industry posed a number of risks to Queensland’s environment.

“Shale oil is a 1980s energy option that really should stay in the eighties,” he said.

“The process of converting shale into oil requires a lot of energy and generates a lot of greenhouse pollution, making shale up to four times dirtier than ordinary oil."

Mr Mohr said the practice poses risks to underground water supplies and to the natural environment in the way the shale oil is extracted.

“There are threats to the environment when the extracted oil is shipped through the Great Barrier Reef’s channels.

“Several near disasters in recent years have shown shipping through the Great Barrier Reef is a risky business.

“Considering all the environmental impacts that accompany shale oil, Queensland would be crazy to embrace this industry.

“Householders know the sunshine state has so many better, safer, cleaner energy options, even if the Queensland Government doesn’t."

An article published on The Age website yesterday declared sales of photovoltaic solar panels in Queensland more than doubled in 2012, with almost 400 megawatts of capacity installed.