Meet Vicente

Thursday 14 February 2013

Meet Vicente

A recent comment on a Newsport article by a man from Buenos Aires sparked our interest, so we decided to find out a bit more about Vicente Ferrarella, who, along with his partner, will soon be calling Port Douglas home.

Below is the story of Vicente in his own words. It's an interesting read...oh, and keep an eye out for his Argentinean Tango lessons when he comes to town in May.

Dear Newsport Readers

I was told by many people that my background is anything but boring.

In 1950 after the Second World War my parents migrates from Italy to Argentina. Since my early days at school it was clear to me that sport attracted me. I’ve been involved in soccer, boxing and gymnastics. 

By the age of 16 I began power lifting and bodybuilding and it was clear to me it would be my career and since then winning all tournaments in the country.

I got married in 1967 and have two daughters. In 1977 we attended an interview to migrates to Australia whit some assistance from the Government, and we were accepted as a migrants with the condition to stay in the country for two years if we were interested to obtain the permanent residence.

We went back to Argentina after two years but we lasted only 8 months there, we went back to Melbourne to settle and became Australian citizens.  

While with my family in Australia we were visiting our parents in Argentina every couple of years. My parents passed away almost 20 years ago.

At the beginning in Australia I study English, and to practice the language I worked as a bus conductor first. Later I was in Transit Patrol office till I decide to come back in bodybuilding competition by 1993 this time in Australia. 

In 1995 I got a job as a personal trainer at Re Creation Health Club, the biggest health club in Melbourne and I was very busy working up to 10 hours a day with clients.

In 1999 come my divorce with all the stress related to it, but at the same time I discovered the Tango. Strange choice to me, for years in Argentina I have had no interest on it.  

That event changed my life again. It was going to become my second passion in which I invested a lot of time learning and practicing with the best teachers in Buenos Aires.

After three years of intense practice I started teaching and perform with different partner till I met Isabel Vera (pictured above). We are now together as a couple for the last 7 years, she is a police sergeant in Buenos Aires and she was a bodybuilder champion as well.
At the moment in Buenos Aires I still working as a personal trainer and tango teacher also I’m the current president of the Bodybuilding Association in Argentina (AFCA). My last competition in Bodybuilding was in July 2011 in Sapri Italy, where I won the World Cup in the Master Division over 60.

Port Douglas was on my agenda for many years. I always wanted to come to Queensland far North, the farer I went before was up to Noosa, so in March last year while in Melbourne with my partner we booked an apartment in Trinity Beach Cairns.

From there we drove to Port Douglas for a day and that was it, we fell in love with the place. Port was the place for us to call home.

Everything went right for us that day, we went to see some properties for sale and we did find a lovely place in Rendezvous Resort so we made an offer for it.  Next day while in Trinity Beach we got the news the offer was accepted.

Back in Melbourne we booked again with a friend’s couple this time to stay in Port and to settle for the property. We move around for a few days in Port and saw the forest up to Cape Tribulation.

We done the settlement the same day we left Port but we were very happy that day it was the dream come true.

What is the special about Tango?

I believe like many people around the world that is one of the most sensual dance if not the most sensual dance ever. 

”It has the power to put two strangers together into one, to get their desires to be great lovers and heroes if only for a moment.”
For me is a way of life. Like bodybuilding keeps you in shape the physique and the soul.
My record collections is around 7000 thousand Tango songs so far.


Vicente Ferrarella