Reef not "in danger"...yet

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Reef not "in danger"...yet

Rumours that the Great Barrier Reef has officially been listed as 'in danger' by the World Heritage Committee are incorrect according to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA).

The increased threats to the health of the Reef from industrial use are of concern, however, a GBRMPA spokesperson ongoing assessments are an opportunity to protect the Reef for future generations.

“During the World Heritage Committee's June 2011 meeting, concern was raised about the impacts of development on the Outstanding Universal Value of the Great Barrier Reef.

"The World Heritage Committee did not list the Great Barrier Reef as in danger, but made a number of recommendations which included a strategic assessment of the Great Barrier Reef which we are working to deliver in partnership with the Queensland Government," the spokesperson told The Newsport.

"This assessment is giving GBRMPA and the Queensland Government a great opportunity to examine the cumulative impacts that threaten the reef — so we’re assessing all the threats facing the reef, rather than examining them on an individual project by project basis."