Carnivale springs a surprise

Monday 4 April 2011

Carnivale springs a surprise


The Port Douglas Carnivale festival will have not one but two 'Face of Carnivale' ambassadors after judges at Saturday night’s 2011 Program Launch declared a dead heat between two very popular contestants.

Judges Michael Gabour, Louise Wall, and Louise Struber made the decision to elect Sam Evans and Stephanie Heath to represent the Douglas community at a launch event at the Sugar Wharf attended by around 100 people.

Miss Heath, who works as the events co-ordinator at Peppers Beach Club Port Douglas, said she is looking forward to the community work that comes with being the Face of Carnivale.

“I am looking forward to meeting new people and believe being a part of Carnivale 2011 will be a fun and rewarding experience.

“To be involved in the Face of Carnivale, I believe that I can grow and develop by giving back to the local community that has supported myself and my family," Miss Heath said.

“Carnivale exists to provide locals with the means to support the community in their own way. I have always been passionately involved in charity and community work which is one of the many reasons I chose to enter Face of Carnivale.”


Sam Evans, a business management student at JCU who also works in his family’s business - Goodies Cafe at Mossman, was undoubtedly one of the most popular entrants in the Face of Carnivale.

“I entered to get more involved with the spirit of what is a great community festival and to get more males involved in the quest for an ambassador.

“Carnivale’s important to the region because it brings  everyone together,  it gives people a sense of what our place is all about, and you meet so many different people," Mr Evans said.

“I feel so elated and a bit overwhelmed to be an ambassador - it's a great feeling and I can’t wait to get amongst it all.”

The 'Song of Carnivale' was also announced on Saturday night as the three finalists took to the stage.

The theme song for this year’s festival was penned after the songwriter, Marilyn Davison of Cooya Beach, was inspired by the scenic highway to Port Douglas.  

Marilyn and her fellow musicians including Upasana Papadopoulos, Tamsin Larevo, Angela Zammataro, Bennett Walker, and Maru Zammataro captured the essence of the region in a tune simply named ‘Carnivale’. 

“We came around Buchans Point and before me the sea was shimmering grey and the stones all silver with wetness after a rain shower.  Straight away the lines ‘warm wet sand upon the beach, silver stones beneath your feet’ popped into my head," Ms Davison said.

“I’ve been lucky to live within the sight and sound of the ocean my entire life and its influence is ever present. It feels like being discovered as a 16 year old after being in the industry for 40 years!”


A number of new events have been added to Carnivale including:

Wildlife Wonderland Day at the Wildlife Habitat
Which Restaurant Rocks? where the public votes the town's best eateries
Events NQ Food Fair
Sit Down Comedy Club
Queensland Rail (QR) Bulls Masters cricket match with legends of the wicket
5 Senses - indulge all your senses!
Neil Murray live at the Clink Theatre
Theatresports Competition
Police Blue Light Disco
Meet our Marine Neighbours: Film Night

The theme for the sellout food and wine festival, 'Food, Wine and a Taste of Port' will be 'Casino Royale' and event organisers are calling on everyone to channel their inner Bond.