Do not call register bites the dust

Do not call register bites the dust

Last week in Newsport we reported that the three year nomorecalls scheme (to stop most unwanted telemarketing phone calls) was to be extended for another three years. 


This week we have to report that Federal Telecommunications Minister Stephen Conroy appears to have shelved his plans to extend the Do Not Call Register to business numbers, following strong resistance from small business and marketing industry lobby groups.


Conroy's decision was contained in a press release outlining the decision to extend the period for which households can register on the DNCR from the current level of three years to a proposed period of five years.


The media release stated that "To facilitate the quick passage of these amendments, the Government will not proceed with the proposal to extend the Register to include business numbers in the current legislation."


"Stakeholders, including the Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia, raised concerns that the inclusion of business numbers would impede legitimate business communications."


The Australian Direct Marketing Association had lobbied heavily against the extension of the register to business warning of very high compliance costs.


Editors Comments: I can't believe the Government has folded under pressure from the telesales marketing community.  Is it no longer our own right to refuse to have these annoying calls barred from our designated numbers?  I was under the impression that our politicians are supposed to represent us as our elected representatives.  You can't tell me, when asked, anyone wants telemarketing phone calls either at work or come to that, at their home.  These intrusive and unsolicited calls make everyone uncomfortable.   Any telesales marketing company that rings my number from now on is going to get very short change exactly as I would treat any play ground bully who has scared our poor defenceless little Federal Government.