Crocs first home game this week

Wed 14 Apr 

Crocs first home game this week

It's been a long time coming but finally it's here, the first home game of the season for the Port Douglas Court House Hotel AFL Crocs. 


Due to the unusual schedule of games to start the season the Crocs have played all their pre-season games away from home with a bye in the first round proper followed by their first league game being played away from home down at Fretwell Park last weekend. 


But the wait thankfully is now over and the first home game is at the Crocpit this coming Saturday against Cairns Norths.   The first home game of the season is always a big social event but this year it's going to be a cracker.  To celebrate this first home game, Sally Viola has organised the first social event of the year with an invitation to ALL the ladies to enjoy a 'Chicken and Champagne Arvo' from 2.30pm for just $10 per head at the footy Ground.


After the fantastic start the Seniors made last week against the Souths, it looks like this year is going to be a lot more competitive with a more than evens chance of going all the way through the finals. 


There is also full bar and canteen facilities throughout the day.      The first home game of the season is not an event to be missed. 


Editors Comments: There's no point in being anywhere else on Saturday, everyone will be at the Crocpit.   So come along and enjoy the big day out!