New Appointment at Rendezvous Reef Resort, Port Douglas

Mon 12 Apr 

New Appointment at Rendezvous Reef Resort

Shirley Dodt has been appointed as Manager, Sales & Marketing for the Rendezvous Reef Resort, Port Douglas.


Shirley joins the Rendezvous team from her last job with Virgin Blue Group where she was Product Development Manager for industry sales.   Shirley has also been product manager for Tempo Holidays Melbourne, Business Development Manager for Shangri-La Hotel, the Marina, Cairns and Sales & Marketing Manager for Coral Princess Cruises, so her knowledge of both the tourism and holiday accommodation markets is extensive.


In her new role, Shirley will be responsible and lead the sales and marketing activity for the superb Port Douglas, Rendezvous Reef Resort on the Port Douglas Road just a few minutes from the centre of Port Douglas. 


Shirley commenced work on 29 March 2010, based at the Marque Hotel Brisbane, 103 George Street, Brisbane, QLD.


Editors Comments: I love it when new people come to town, they bring with them fresh ideas and fresh approaches to situations that sometimes long time locals can get complacent over.  Please join us at Newsport Daily in congratulating Shirley on her appointment as Manager, Sales & Marketing, Port Douglas and welcoming her to the team.