Garrett talks on marine green zones

Thu 01 Apr 

Garrett talks on marine green zones

By Roy Weavers

Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has promised all parties with an interest in the Coral Sea and Gulf of Carpentaria conservation zones in Queensland will be closely consulted to ensure an appropriate management process.

He says compensation for reduced fishing access will be considered as part of the planning process for new conservation areas. "We've got a targeted consultation underway with a special liaison officer based in Brisbane, who can meet with fishers and others to talk through these issues," he said.

"That's why we are going through an extensive process of hearing from stakeholders thoroughly on their views about areas for further assessment."

Mr Garrett says the commercial fishing sector is represented on the Government advisory group. "We have had comments from the industry acknowledging that the Government will conduct a thorough consultation process," he said.

"They've raised issues of concern, of course, and that's their legitimate right to do so, but they have done it in the context of acknowledging the thorough and careful way we are working through this process."

Editors comments: After having been put through the grinder over the insulation debacle, I get the sense that Mr Garrett is ensuring no stone is left unturned and no opinion is left unsort.  Funny, I would have thought that should be standard practice anyway.  Nevermind I guess it doesn't matter how you get to the final destination as long it's the right destination.