Shenannigans pay tribute to ABBA

Mon 29 Mar 

Shenannigans pay tribute to ABBA

ABBAration, is just as the title suggests, admiration for one of the world’s biggest bands, ABBA. This is definitely one of the biggest celebrations of some of the greatest music ever made in history!


When ABBA hit in the seventies, they were a band that were unique, and what made them so special is they made us dance, feel the ABBA emotion, and sing along to every word, from all of their songs, which in turn have now become anthems! With millions of records sold, they have led the way for dance and disco music, with modern artists using them as their inspiration. They surely have left a mark on the music world.

ABBAration are playing at Shenannigan's in Cairns on Saturday April 17th. ABBAration is just as high in energy as the real thing, with all of the hits, and the entire disco attitude! This is a group that straps you in to a rollercoaster, and takes you down memory lane, with all of the incredible songs to have you step back into time. All of the costumes, all of the talent, all of the dance moves, and even all of the Swedish accents, that make ABBA so distinctive.

When you witness this show, you are not just a bystander, taking in the sounds; you are part of the show! You will be part of something incredible. This is going to be as close as you will get to the ABBA phenomena. You get to experience all of the hits, Dancing Queen, Waterloo, Mamma Mia, SOS, and the list goes on and on, it truly is ABBA-STONISHING!

The ABBARATION group came to together to create the solid replica of the ABBA group, with all of the sounds, hits, and all of the trimmings, including their unforgettable look and moves! When they enter the stage, right away they are there to perform exactly like Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Freda, they believe in it, and so audiences believe it too!

This is why ABBA’s music lives on and on, and this is the way to experience it, in all of its wonderful ABBA glory!

Tickets are $20 available from Shenannigan's in Cairns or visit