Nothing trivia about PD State School Fundraiser

Thu 25 Mar 

Nothing trivia at PD State School Fundraiser

By Roy Weavers

The organising committee for the Port Douglas State School fundraiser were delighted with the massive turnout at the Sheraton Mirage Resort for their Trivia Challenge.

Fifteen teams made up of about 120 ‘trivianistas’ contested for the trivia title but amazingly it was the sponsors team from the FNQ Independent and The Newsport Daily, called the ‘No Murdochs’, that finished as top table.

Headmaster Andrew Oliver congratulated the Sponsors team on their emphatic win, but quipped that he was naturally surprised his own teachers table had not demonstrated their ‘undoubted’ intellectual prowess.

Managing Director from Newsport Publishing, Sam Cullen said “I don’t think anyone should be surprised that the press won this evening, surely it confirms everyone’s suspicions that the media is full of trivial nonsense”. 

“Stretch” Noonan Head of FNQ Independent added “Fortunately we had an ‘Iain’ on our team who obviously reads far more newspapers and books than any of the rest of the team, he was our gun player”

The important part of the evening, of course, was the fundraising and organiser/MC for the evening Corrine Durie, from Taste Port Douglas reported during the evening that over $4,000 had been raised but she was delighted to add that there was still a lot more to be counted from the evening’s raffles and donations. 

The Sheraton Mirage Resort hosted the trivia evening in their Glade Pavilion and laid on a superb Curry buffet.  Their staff were also friendly and very attentive and contributed greatly to make the evening a real fun event.

The Headmaster concluded the evening by saying a special thank you to the organisers and a huge thank you to all those who attended for their generosity in helping to make up the short fall from the recent funding cuts the School has had to endure from their teaching aide budgets.

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