New Queensland campaign to lure Kiwis

Mon 15 Feb 

New Queensland campaign to lure Kiwis

By Roy Weavers

Tourism Queensland and Jetstar have launched a new $400,000 campaign to entice more New Zealanders to the state.


The ‘Best holiday in the world’ campaign will run through to March 8. More than 400,000 New Zealanders visit Queensland every year.


Editors comments: I'd be interested to see the results from the 'Best job in the world' campaign.  I wonder if it increased booking to the area or was it just a good laugh for the winner.  It has certainly made him famous but how it impacted on getting more people here, who knows ?

So with these doubts in my mind, you will not be surprised to hear that another $400,000 of tax payers money being thrown at a similar campaign but this time just to one area doesn't get me leaping up and down with excitement.  Maybe it's just me, or do you feel the same ?