Daintree River wildlife Report

Wednesday 09 September


Fat Albert plays hide and seek in Daintree River


Our friends, David and Dyna White at Solar Whisper Wildlife cruises report this week from the Daintree River that the large crocs are still a bit of a lucky dip at the moment with Fat Albert, one of the dominant males, lying on the beach on one cruise and sitting on the river bottom the next.


There have been a few unusual things this week, river cruiers were treated to the sight of a large orange/brown Goanna which may have been shedding, there was a brief glimpse of an Eastern Water Dragon, and lots of tree snakes out over the water in the shade enjoying the cool breeze off the water.


The dominat feature of the Daintree River at the moment is the vegetation as it comes alive at this time of the year with some nice blossoms still about on the River Mangrove, the Native Hibiscus, the Mangrove or Crinum Lily and the Pencil or Bridal Veil Orchid.


For your own wildlife experience give David or Dyna a call at 07 4098 7131 or email to info@solarwhisper.com