The Tin Shed to combine with popular local club


THE amalgamation of the Port Douglas District and Combined Club (The Tin Shed) and the Mossman Golf Club will become a fait accompli at a Special General Meeting of the clubs on Sunday, January 29.

And according to manager, Kym Rowley, the Port Douglas District and Combined Club is expected to officially take over the Mossman Golf Club on March 1. 

“This has been in the works since June last year when the Mossman Golf Club was unofficially approached to gauge their interest in an amalgamation, which would involve combining both clubs into one entity.

“The Golf Club Management Committee agreed it was worthy of discussion. The discussions continued for a few months before both parties were in a position to take the matter to their respective members,” said Rowley.

And at the respective AGMs in October, the members overwhelmingly ‘agreed in principle’ to go ahead with the amalgamation. Both committees have subsequently developed and signed off on a Memorandum of Understanding. The Port Douglas District and Combined Club has also undertaken its due diligence to ensure the amalgamation is feasible.

Rowley said both clubs will benefit from the amalgamation.

“There will be one club operating in two locations; and Mossman Golf Club’s assets and liabilities, including its liquor licence, will be transferred to the Port Douglas District and Combined Club.

“Members of both clubs will have the same benefits at each location subject to their membership category. The current Management Committee of the Port Douglas District and Combined Club will continue as the Management Committee of the amalgamated club. The General Manager of the Port Douglas District and Combined Club will manage the day-to-day operations of both locations,” he said.

Rowley added the amalgamation will allow for greater buying power; a larger membership base to promote and develop the golf club; and long-term security for the Mossman Golf Club.