Who is running for Council?

Published Monday 25 January 2016

Now is the time to step forward and tell us what you expect from the candidates who plan to run for the upcoming election; as a constituent and the public, this is your opportunity to ask the hard questions of our nominees for Councillor and Mayor.



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Newsport will be asking the candidates their views and opinions on issues that the Douglas Shire residents are concerned about, in order to ascertain where they stand on matters that effect the region.

The upcoming election on 19 March 2016 will see the newly appointed Councillors and Mayor in their elected roles through to 2020.  It would serve the constituents well to know where our elected members plan to take us during their four year term and what they think is important for the future of our region.

As a constituent and a member of the public, it is expected that we demand to know what our candidates stand for.

In the interim, on behalf of the constituents and public, some of the issues Newsport have initially asked candidates where they stand, are;

  • Economic and business development
  • Port Douglas Waterfront
  • Mossman Botanic Gardens
  • Aged Care Facility
  • Paws & Claws Retail Sector issues with continual empty shops
  • Wifi/NBN 
  • Are you satisfied with the current Council Administration
  • What do they consider your major achievements over the past two years (current candidates)

Newsport invites our readers to comment and share with us the questions they want answered from the candidates who plan to take the Douglas Shire into 2020.

Below is some useful information if you are considering running for Councillor or Mayor and for the general public to have an understanding of the process involved in running for Councillor or Mayor.