New paediatric registrars at Apunipima

Monday February 23 2015, 12:00pm

This year Cape Kids are set to benefit from the expertise of not one but two Paediatric Registrars.

Over the next 12 months, Apunipima Cape York Health Council is set to be home to Paediatric Registrars, Dr Sally Evans and Dr Jake Parker who chose Apunipima over a number of different organisations to conduct their training.

“Having recently said goodbye to paediatric registrar Dr Kate Jardine, we are delighted to welcome Sally and Jake to Apunipima,” said Apunipima’s Consultant Paediatrician Dr Alan Ruben.

Having already completed five years of training in Queensland and the Northern Territory, Sally and Jake will now be working across Cape York delivering specialist child health clinics.

Dr Jake Parker said of his placement “I am delighted to be accepted by Apunipima.  Cape York offers its own unique set of challenges and I hope to learn a lot while giving the children of the Cape the best possible care.”

Dr Sally Evans agreed by saying “This is a fantastic opportunity for us to really get an understanding of rural, remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health while working under the tutelage of Dr Alan Ruben.  We have the opportunity to make a significant difference to a whole range of children and will try our best to do so.”