Fun and games ahead for Mossman Gorge kids /Newsport

Fun and games ahead for Mossman Gorge kids

Friday March 21 2014

Mossman Gorge residents are eagerly awaiting the opening of a playground and community garden scheduled to be unveiled in June. 

The $115,000 project will feature a small basketball court, play equipment, gym stations and a fruit and vegetables patch. 

Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku CEO, Peterson Opio said the playground would allow children to play in a safe environment where their family could see them.

"The kids don't really have a lot besides the river," Mr Opio said. 

"It will mean they have a place to enjoy themselves, to play sports and engage with each other, as opposed to travelling down to Mossman township which can be a bit of a hindrance due to the distance."

Mr Opio said property and infrastructure company Lend Lease assisted in the design and pre-construction of the playground. 

Volunteers from the company visited the Indigenous community and worked with a steering committee to reach an outcome. 

"It's been driven by the community," Mr Opio said. 

"They're the ones that asked for the playground to be put in. They also had their hand in designing and contstructing it all. 

Mr Opio said the community area would help improve the quality of life for residents in Mossman Gorge.

"We will have an edible garden ... overall, it's a great example of the community coming up with their own closing the gap strategies," he said. 

The project is funded by several businesses including Lend Lease, Boral, the Mossman Gorge visitor centre, Raw and More, Cape York Partnerships, Bunnings and a community benefit fund. 

Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku manage services on behalf of the Mossman Gorge community.