Dive unit to search for missing man at Archer River /Newsport

Dive unit to search for missing man at Archer River

Monday March 17 2014

The search continues for a missing 69-year old Weipa man who was swept away while attempting to cross a flooded causeway in Cape York last Friday evening.

Authorities say two men travelling south on the Peninsula Development Road drove across a causeway at Archer River, north of Coen at around 5:30pm.

The vehicle was swept downstream but one of the occupants managed to escape, swimming to the bank of the river.

The incident wasn't reported to officers until 3.30pm on Saturday and a search started immediately for the car's missing second occupant.

Cairns Water Police Sergeant, Andrew Ibell, has coordinated the search with police and emergency services scouring the banks of the river on foot and by air over the weekend.

Queensland Police Diving Unit has been deployed from Brisbane and are due to arrive in Cairns today.

The unit is expected to drive to Archer River - more than 800 kilometres northwest of Cairns - to continue the search.

Local Cairns Tactical Crime Squad officers will travel with the divers to assist in the search.

The Archer River remains flooded and impassable to all traffic as the river level is some 0.8 metres over the causeway.

Subject to conditions, authorities say specialist divers are expected to start their search for the missing man and vehicle tomorrow.

The Archer River is a freshwater river system and not inhabited by estuarine crocodiles.