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Thursday January 23rd 2014

Nicholas James Vujicic is an Australian preacher and motivational speaker born with Tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs.


As a child, he struggled mentally and emotionally, as well as physically, but eventually came to terms with his disability and, at the age of seventeen, started his own non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs. Vujicic presents motivational speeches worldwide, on life with a disability, hope, and finding meaning in life.

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Nutritional Cleansing and Cellular Replenishing

You may be asking yourself, "what is cleansing?" and "why cleanse?"

Most New Year’s Resolutions revolve around weight loss, increasing energy levels, better sleep, and spending more time with the family. Cleansing can help with all of these. 

Whether we like it or not, we are exposed to millions of chemicals considered “toxins” every day and night. Whether we eat organic, vegan, or even just healthy and fresh, we are exposed to toxins daily. The air we breathe and the food we eat, the cleaning products we use all expose us to toxins. Unless you live in a bubble, you need to cleanse!

These toxins have the ability to disrupt the essential biological structures and systems need for the body to function, such as DNA, cellular membranes, and protein. Exposure to toxins contributes to health concerns in the short term like headaches, fatigue, and in the long-term, lead to weight gain and chronic health concerns.

Nutritional Cleansing (Detoxification) is essential to rid the body of toxins and prevent their ill health-creating effects. The most important organ for detoxification is the liver, and all cells have the ability to detoxify toxins.

Water-soluble toxins are easily metabolized and excreted in urine, but fat-soluble toxins can be stored in fat unable to be reached by the body’s detoxification system. Excess visceral fat is associated with diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and metabolic dysfunction. Fat is stored by the cells to protect the cells from the toxins, especially around the organs, hence fat is stored in the belly area. This is the typical post-Christmas body area of concern. You’ve put on a few kilos (typically 2kg), feel sluggish and toxic. Sound familiar?

How does nutritional cleansing work?

Combining 'Cleanse Days' with 'Calorie Restricted Days' has been shown to produce more than twice as much visceral fat loss than following a 'healthy heart diet'. 

Cleanse Days consist of intermittent fasting with herbs and vitamins that support detoxification.

Fat loss accompanied by optimal nutrition (cellular replenishing), vitamins B, C and E, minerals, and other bioactive nutrients supports the body’s detoxification system in the removal of toxins. The size of the fat cells are dramatically reduced by up to 400 per cent! This leads to improved health and quality of life. Cleansing removes toxins at a cellular level preventing yo-yo dieting and fat increases after the excitement of the New Years Resolution has worn off.

During cleanse days you have melted away fat, reset the body’s food intake centre and therefore not craving the wrong types of food as much, stimulated the removal of old cells, activated more detoxification, and lowered oxidative stress. All of this leads to fat loss, increased mental and physical energy and better mental clarity.

The optimal nutrition is provided by nutrient rich high quality protein, low-glycemic carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. After a Cleanse its prime time to flood the body with good nutrition and clean eating.


If you would like to join others for greater motivation, why not join the Global Group Cleanse during January. Be one of thousands of people ready to lead a healthier life and your New Year’s Resolution will be fulfilled and maintained.

For more information on Nutritional Cleansing, Cellular Replenishing, Youthful Ageing, Isagenix Optimal Nutrition Meal Replacement shakes, contact Lisa Conyers on 0428 349 589 or lisa@calypsoproductins.com.au.

A flatter belly in 28 days

Living in the palm-fringed paradise of Port Douglas is an international guru of health and fitness, Mr Inta-Fitness, Neil Kelliher. His '28 Day Flat Belly Formula' is about to take the world by storm.

The health industry is full of fads, F Plans, low carbs, high carbs, no fat, Lemon detox; if there is a fad, the industry will push it and people desperate to push off the pounds will try it. Many to the detriment of their long term health.

"The '28 Day Flat Belly Formula' is not a diet but a formula," Neil explained. "It is about changing your way of life and creating a philosophy that you continue to live by, it works with your body, not against it." 

The formula was developed to work with the body’s natural metabolism and bio-chemistry, to maximise its ability to burn the stubborn brown fat cells of the belly. One day of the formula even allows pizzas and similar food indulgences!  

The formula is not about reducing calories, but rather a combination of clean eating and intermittent fasting and 'hyper-loading', a sudden influx of calories one day a week and protein days on another.

By this strategic influx of calories, the body’s metabolism is manipulated to work with the right signals being activated. The hyper-loading section of the formula boosts Leptin.

Leptin recently has been dubbed the “King of hormones”. Leptin is actually made in your white adipose tissue or stored fat.This finding alone has revolutionized the field of endocrinology – as previously stored fat was just thought to be a warehouse for extra calories. Our new understanding means that your stored fat is actually a metabolic organ, much like your thyroid gland or adrenal glands.

Once Leptin is released from your fat, it enters your blood and travels up to your brain, delivering a message as to how much fuel you have on hand. When your brain answers the Leptin signal and listens to the message, it tells you how fast you can run your metabolism based on how much gas is in your gas tank. In a sense, Leptin's signal to your brain is like a petrol gauge in your car. You have no way to see how much gas is in your tank – you rely on the gauge, before you pull over and fill ’er up. Likewise, your subconscious brain has no way to see how much stored fat you have on hand, it relies on the Leptin gauge to determine your state of overall nutrition and fuel reserves.

Being able to control Leptin’s reponses was the basis of Neil’ s work. After two years of research and development, he came up with the final formula. With over 100 people used in trials and a success rate of 99 per cent, Neil is confident that anybody trying this program will see results.

Aimed at men and women of all ages, it is the perfect plan for elder women who have resigned themselves to carrying around those middle-age spreads and spare tyres. Neil’s mother is aged in her mid 50s, and is his greatest advocate. After being on the program, she lost 15 kilos and is bursting with energy and health.

After the initial program, it is easy to maintain the results; people have made the lifestyle change and just continue. By teaching people better habits, it’s just a matter of eating clean for 80 per cent of the time and 20 percent can be indulgence.

The program is in 10 modules and comes with a PDF document and an animated on-line tracking system with simple exercises. Simple to use from your phone, you can follow the graphics at the gym or in your own home (no expensive gym equipment required!).

After ten years working as a personal trainer. Neil said he was motivated to create this plan as he really wanted to make a difference to people’s health.  

Judging by the simplicity and effectiveness of the '28 Day Flat Belly Formula' that Neil has bought to Port Douglas, it won’t be long before the locals of Port will be flatter-bellied, healthier and happier.

For more information on how you can take part in the 28 Day Flat Belly Formula, see the advert in this section or go to www.28dayflatbellyformula.com.au.