Port Douglas was coldest place in Qld on Tuesday.

Friday January 17th 2014

Port Douglas was coldest place in Qld on Tuesday.

Despite the rainy season now kicking in and audible sighs of relief heard from relieved plants, the area is still 314.9mm short of its monthly rainfall average of 405.9mm.

The cloudy, rainy weather certainly seems to have dug its heel in and looks to be accompanying us well into next week.  With a low pressure system still lurking in the Coral Sea, that looks to be developing into a cyclone,  the present conditions will prevail with more wind. 

The cyclone is of no immediate threat to the Queensland coastline as its projected path is further south.

The mercury in Port Douglas reached on 24.1C on Tuesday, which was lower than anywhere else in Queensland, including Townsville and Cairns. 

Tropic temperatures had definitely not gone ‘troppo’ with Darwin also being a coldest capital city in NT at only 24.4.  

Quite a contrast with the blistering heatwave that swept through Southern Australia.

Editors comment: Warm rain, cool temperatures, Port Douglas just has everything!!