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Douglas Shire Mayor Kerr said he agrees with the LGAQ saying this funding could open up many possibilities to employ locals and allow Council to complete needed work.

A jobs recovery package, a green army, and a local government trainee program, are a part of the battleplan put forward by the Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ) to create thousands of jobs and protect local communities across the state amid the evolving public health crisis.

The $608 million plan, which has been put to the State Government for consideration, would create more than 14,000 jobs state-wide to help mitigate the impacts of the pandemic.

The battleplan includes:

  • Jobs Recovery Package: A $200 million state-wide job creation program modelled on the successful Works for Queensland initiative to support more than 8,000 jobs, with $100 million earmarked for the state’s southeast.
  • Green Army: A 3,000-strong workforce focused on protecting and improving the environment across the state for the benefit of critical sectors such as agriculture and tourism.
  • Local Government Apprenticeship and Traineeship Guarantee: Providing 800 new or displaced workers with a guaranteed pathway to gain critical experience and skills.

LGAQ President Mark Jamieson said councils stood ready to partner with the State Government to roll out a range of stimulus measures that would enable crucial jobs to be created within months.

“Funding this package will enable local governments to kickstart hundreds of community-building programs to create jobs and provide essential local economic stimulus in our communities,” he said.

Douglas Shire Mayor, Michael Kerr, said he agreed with Jamison saying local councils will play a crucial role in supporting a community-led recovery.

“I believe we must support projects that will help build an economic recovery for Douglas,” Mayor Kerr said.

“Funding such as this could open up many possibilities to employ locals and allow Council to complete needed work throughout our communities, such as beautification of parks and gardens as well as needed water infrastructure.”

Jamison added that Councils are on the frontline and have been doing what they can to support vulnerable households and businesses.

“Councils are playing an important role in the local disaster responses, maintaining essential public health services like safe drinking water and rubbish collection. At the same time, they are working hard to sustain their 40,000-strong local government workforce – all critical to supporting local economies and communities.

“The Commonwealth, the level of government best resourced to ensure local government is properly funded to meet demand during this crisis, has knocked back a request to include councils in its JobKeeper program and, in doing so, has made our task that much harder.

“Councils are now seeking to work with the State to fill some of that gap.

“We believe there is a crucial role councils can play in supporting a community-led recovery. Councils can ensure economic stimulus gets to where it is most needed to enable us to get through this crisis and come through the other side, stronger than before.

“We are putting on the table real options that can be implemented straight away,” he said.

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