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AT THE BIG TOP: Piper, Saxon, Milla, Flinn, Tahli Flinn, Isla Roberts and Shelby Roberts at the Wonderland Speigeltent. Image: Supplied.

The Wonderland Speigeltent has rolled into town for its third season and brings with it world class performers in artistic and energetic all ages live shows. 

It also sets a nostalgic scene, shining bright under the palm trees in Dixie Park and igniting the 25th celebrations of Port Douglas Carnivale. 

Last night families flocked to the Speigeltent as it sparkled in the sunset for the opening of Circus Wonderland - A Mermaid’s Tale.

Excitement filled the air as the doors swung open and the crowd entered a world of magic and mystery 

With its mirrored walls, stain glass windows, timber floors you can’t help but tap on, and flowing red velvet drapes, Wonderland Speigeltent is a performance within itself... if only the walls could talk.   


Circus Wonderland - A Mermaids Tale is a laugh out loud, larger than life family show performed under a big top feel on an intimate round stage.

Every seat is the best seat in the house putting you up close to all the hilarious slap stick fun and whimsical acts.

Pre show antics amp the Speigeltent energy levels instantaneously thanks to the cheeky roving performers engaging with the audience and the anticipation of what’s to follow.

You won’t find a clown in a curly rainbow and red squeaky nose nor a roaring lion or dancing monkey but you will be captivated by the empowering strength and graceful beauty of the traveling performers as they hit the stage and share their creative ability with pure circus entertainment from the golden era.

With the risk of spoiler alerts Circus Wonderland fills you with admiration and amazement for the incredible lifts, tumbling, flips, balancing, and juggling.

A magical mermaid swings high above, an acrobatic love sick sailor shows off his strength and power, juggling life savers mesmerise you and make you giggle, a hula hoop goddess swirls a stack of hoops like a giant slinky and a ring master with a balloon act that you just can’t put into words!  

It flows free spirited but is extremely professional and polished sparking physical emotions of wonder and awe.

Prepare for spontaneous Oooohing and Aaahhing and WOW on repeat, your cheeks will hurt from smiling and your hands from applause.

It’s interactive and engaging from beginning to end and the little ones will “watch with glitter in their eyes” Your little mermaid may even get the chance to be a circus superstar on stage!
Circus makes you happy.. it just does, and A Mermaids Tale is truly a wonderland.

So why not run away with the circus and share a magical family experience this Carnivale because ‘a little magic can take you a long way”.

Jump online at Wonderland Speigeltent and book your tickets now!

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