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Mark Fletcher from Solid Plaster and Texture Coatings being presented the new plaques by Low Isles Preservation society member Adrian Soffe. Image: Karlie Brady.

New plaques have been placed on Port Douglas’ Low Isles replica lighthouse to tell the story of the little lighthouse and thank those that helped bring it back to life.

The miniature lighthouse, built in 1977 by a Port Douglas business owner, in dedication to the Low Isles lighthouse keepers, sits in Jalun Park at Four Mile Beach at one end of the Flag Staff Hill walking track.

The small lighthouse replicates the larger version that sits on Low Isles, to show visitors what is out on the island and to symbolise the LIPS dedication to preserving Low Isles and the marine, coastal and rainforest environments of far north Queensland.

After forty years on Four Mile Beach, the small lighthouse has become an important local landmark, however, as a privately funded monument, no one was officially responsible for its upkeep, leaving it to fall into a state of disrepair.

In urgent need of repairs, the Low Isles Preservation Society (LIPS) who are responsible for the preservation of Low Isles, sought to find a way to keep the replica lighthouse standing strong.

To assist with the restoration, the LIPS approached Mark Fletcher and his team at Solid Plaster and Texture Coatings, a Port Douglas business, that has worked on many large scale projects such as the Crystalbrook hotels in Cairns.

Mr Fletcher said he and his team volunteered their time and materials to bring the lighthouse back to its former glory.

“The monument was conserved by the Low Isles Preservation Society to be a model of what the Low Isles represent to the Port Douglas area and to the reef,” Mr Fletcher said.

“Because Low Isles is a huge icon for Port Douglas, being a tourist destination and an icon for the reef, it made sense to go do the work for the benefit of the community.”

The LIPS, along with Mr Fletcher, now hope all those walking the Port Douglas trail and visiting the beach will enjoy the monument for many years to come.

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