VIDEO: 2 metre crocodile found dead


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The juvenile crocodile was located in the mangroves of Oak Beach with no clear cause of death. IMAGE supplied

Melbourne copywriter Hugh Batters, who has now made Oak Beach his permanent home after visiting for the past 21 years, is still shaking his head in disbelief after finding a dead 2-metre crocodile in the roots of the trees on the beach.

And as he always does when he ventures out for a beach walk, he had his video camera to record this moment as he came across the croc lying on its back.

“It was quite an interesting find and something I have never encountered before,” said Batters.

“The crocodile was lying belly up among the roots and did not display any injuries. There were no bite marks, blood or bullet holes.

“My guess is that it died of natural causes and washed up on the beach,” he said.


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