‘Winner, winner, chicken dinner’: Intrigue surrounds croc that snapped cassowary


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A large crocodile's tail can be seen protruding from the road near Coopers Creek reportedly with a cassowary in its mouth. IMAGE: Facebook.

AN experienced Daintree local says there is enough evidence to suggest a crocodile did take a cassowary in front of tourists this week amid claims the story may have been fabricated.

A Cairns couple reported being forced to stop their car as a huge crocodile crossed the road in front of them clutching a full sized cassowary. The croc was said to stretch across both lanes of Cape Tribulation Road, suggesting it was close to five metres long.

The story has generated huge discussion on social media with many locals in the region dismissing the encounter as a tall tail. However, a photo posted on Facebook and other descriptions indicate otherwise.

“I went and checked it out for myself and there is definitely evidence to suggest this happened,” the Daintree local told Newsport, who preferred to remain anonymous.

“I walked across the road from where its said to have occurred and you can see where the croc has probably grabbed the cassowary foraging.

“They’ve had to stop on the road and let the big fella get passed. The Croc was probably saying ‘winner winner, chicken dinner’ on his way back to the water.

“Unfortunately for this couple not everyone believes them. I have no reason not to.”

The Daintree man, who is familiar with the area of the reported sighting, said the witness would have been standing there ‘in disbelief’.

“He would have been rubbing his eyes,” he said.

“The picture I’ve seen you can see the bloke has got out of the car to take a closer look in order to validate what he was seeing.

“I’ve seen crocs with 100kg turtles in their gob. You’d be amazed what these animals can do.”

The crocodile was near Coopers Creek in Cape Tribulation, the same area where NSW woman Cindy Waldron was taken last year after she entered Thornton's Beach late at night.

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