New bed and breakfast permit fees scrapped


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Fees for approving new bed and breakfast or farm/forest stays have been removed by Council. IMAGE: Supplied.

FEES for approving new bed and breakfast or farm/forest stays have been scrapped by the Douglas Shire.

And hire fees for community halls have also been significantly reduced under Councils new Fees and Charges Schedule for 2017-2018.

The bed and breakfast approval fees have been removed to reflect changes in the accommodation market and reduce red tape for small businesses, while the community hall can now be booked for half the price in an effort to encourage greater use.

Mayor Julia Leu said it was important for Council to recover the costs of providing services otherwise ratepayers are effectively subsidising individuals and businesses who require them.

“Council’s fees and charges are applied only to those who require a particular service from Council unlike rates which are applied to all properties within the Douglas Shire,” she said.

“Therefore if Council doesn’t recover the cost of providing these services from the individual or business which is benefitting from the provision of the service, then ratepayers would be effectively subsidising this service for no direct benefit.”

Green waste delivered in a small car, station wagon or ute and household hazardous waste, including dry recyclables, remains free for residents as does electronic waste such as TVs and computers.

Overall the majority of Council fees and charges will increase by 3.9 per cent in the new financial year to achieve an equitable “user pays” system for services.

Check out the Council Fees and Charges

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