There’s a crystal crusade going on near Port Douglas


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Not far from Port Douglas in the Atherton Tablelands you can go on your own crystal crusade. IMAGE: Supplied.

WORDS by Jeremy Lebeuf

THE magical musings of crystals have some serious celebrity clout. They are Miranda Kerr’s angelic secret, Katy Perry roars by them, and Victoria Beckham has a posh collection.

No longer reserved for the new age hippie type riding naked on horseback bathed in moonbeams as Star child, a deer head being draped in sheepskin, beats his bodhran to the cosmic pulse of Earth’s separation with Neptune.

The crystal craze is far from new, making appearances in some cultures for thousands of years. Today they are becoming much more main stream as more people are looking at alternative ways to find a positive light. Crystals hold the power of positive energy; it is believed they can channel this energy to improve our mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The rock star for February is the amethyst; those born in this month enjoy a birthstone that is a powerful purple gem that can aid in calming your thoughts to block stress and negative energy. It is also the crystal of balance, promoting love and guiding your path to help find your spiritual way. For a little clarity with his blurred lines Robin Thicke dropped $20 000 on an amethyst stone, probably right after his cringey twerk show with Miley, still one of those suppressed memories that you ask “did that really happen?!?”, then a meme pops up…and yup it did.

Not far from Port Douglas in the Atherton Tablelands you can go on your own crystal crusade and explore the Crystal Caves. Founded by gem collector Rene Boissevain in 1987 he wanted to make something special so everyone can experience the natural wonders of crystals. The man-made cave museum is home to over 600 crystals and is forever expanding. These caves are the business, think Indiana Jones and the crystal skull type stuff. You are encouraged to touch and absorb the power from the individual gems.

If you are feeling dramatically drawn by a predominant force at the Crystal Caves it could be the powers of ‘The Empress of Uruguay’ the world’s largest amethyst geode. Standing at 3.37 meters tall, one can’t help but be instantly mesmerised in its deep purple haze. Careful it might have you going all Lady Ga Ga Abramovic method on it, but resist, this is a public place.

Take your sweetheart for a little love tonic at the ‘Crystal Fountain of Love’. A water feature made up with over four tonnes of rose quartz; the crystal of love, romance and passion. Each stone will illuminate their love-struck properties of opening the hearts of couples, family, friends and one’s self, softening even the most hardened of hearts.

The Crystal Caves have all the rocks on the block to take the magic home with you, all in a stylish pair of earthly energising earrings and much more. The gift shop if you can call it that is more like an exclusive gallery, it sells jewellery, gemstones, healing crystals, fossils, mineral specimens from all around the world.

So if you are new to the wonderful world of crystals or want to add to your collection you are sure to find something unique at the Crystal Caves in Atherton.

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