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The delicious 'Daintree Stacker' from Taste on Macrossan is a must try for Pancake Day tomorrow.

IT’S the one day a year where it’s perfectly acceptable to eat nothing but pancakes and crépes.

Pancake Day arrives on Tuesday 28th February and it’s serious business, from the recipe, to the flipping technique, to the topping. So we’re here to guide you through this treacherous process and make sure every pancake is flippin’ great (pun intended).

Get your pancake fix at Taste on Macrossan this Tuesday with their exclusive Pancake Day special. Indulge in their delicious Daintree Stacker, topped with local fruit and Daintree vanilla syrup, paired with a local Skybury tea or coffee for only $16!

If you intend on making your own pancakes this Tuesday, make sure you do it properly with a Crépe pan from Port Douglas Hospitality Supplies. The perfect non-stick, low brim crépe pan is designed to make the perfect pancake every time. For only $19.95 for a 260mm crépe pan, you can’t really go wrong!

Whether you’re a sweet or savoury kind of person, we have a simple recipe for you, perfect for the topping of your choice:

300g self-raising flour
Pinch of salt
500ml milk
2 eggs
60g butter, melted

Love pancakes? Celebrate Pancake Day in Bazaar QT Port Douglas with even more pancakes than usual. Will you have them sweet or sour? Decorate these versatile treats with all your favourite toppings like Nutella, bananas, strawberries, zesty lemon and crispy bacon with maple syrup. Open from 6.30am – 10.30am.

4 Fun Facts about Pancakes

1. Pancake Day itself came about as a way to use up the ingredients in the pantry before the 40 days of fasting for Lent, in the run up to Easter.

2. The most tosses of a pancake in 60 seconds was achieved by Australian celebrity chef Brad Jolly, completing a grand total of 140 flips in 60 seconds back in 2012.

3. In 2012, a Melbourne chef won the World Record for the Largest Stack of Pancakes (76cms) however this was beaten by two British chef’s in 2016 (101.8cms).

The largest pancake ever made was in 1994, in the UK. Measuring 15.01 metres in diameter and 1 inch thick, the pancake weighed almost 3 tonnes!

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