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PALMER GOLF: Clive Palmer will visit his golf course 'in the next few weeks' and is rumoured to be attending the first home game of the Port Douglas Crocs on March 25. IMAGE: Supplied.

FLAMBOYANT businessman and former politician Clive Palmer is heading our way and will spend a weekend in Port Douglas at his Palmer Sea Reef golf course and conduct other business.

The General Manager of Palmer Sea Reef, James McDonald, who has worked closely with Palmer for the past five years, confirmed today that he is coming to Port Douglas, but plans are still being finalised.

“There are a number of issues we need to finalise, but he will be in Port Douglas within the next few weeks,” said McDonald.

Palmer was recently honoured with the title of Number One Ticket Holder for the Port Douglas Crocs, who are hoping he will attend their first home game of the AFL Cairns season on March 25. McDonald said Palmer would be involved in activities with the club during his time in the Port.

“He has other business interests in Port Douglas which will take up his time. I think it is appropriate for him to visit the golf course – the best in his stable of courses – and I am delighted he accepted the invitation to visit,” said McDonald.

McDonald said plans such as spending time with the members and other activities at the club have yet to be finalised.

According to McDonald, Palmer has previously visited the golf course.

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