Concerns over ‘irresponsible’ dog owners following another attack


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THERE are growing concerns about ‘irresponsible’ dog owners in Port Douglas following another alleged attack.

An elderly man walking another dog was approached by two large breeds roaming freely on Brolga Street last night before being set upon by the animals.

It’s just one of a number of reported incidents in recent weeks which has angered sections of the community. The owner of the smaller dog attacked yesterday, Zac Sarnecki, said it was the responsibility of owners to ensure their pets were either on a leash, or locked up.

“Next time it could easily be somebody’s child,” he said on Facebook.

“How many times have we heard people say ‘my dog’s never done anything like this before…?

“Get over it - it happens, and can easily be your dog that hurts somebody.”

It comes after two pet dogs gained access to the Wildlife Habitat in October, killing six Eastern Grey Kangaroos and Parma Wallabies and injuring more than a dozen others.

An elderly woman was also rushed to Mossman Hospital earlier this after being attacked by a dog off a leash on Four Mile Beach.

Assistant Manager of the Wildlife Habitat, Sybella Salter, said it was important that pet owners were in control of their animals.

“The majority of dog owners are generally very responsible for their pets,” Salter said.

“But there are some areas where they should definitely be kept on a leash and it’s about making sure they are always in control of their animals.”

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