Sugar, Honey, Honey

WORDS by Lou Oliver

Published Tuesday 17 May 2016

You have a nemesis. One that is threatening all the good you are doing, all your effort and progress is being threatened. You know each other well, it knows your name and beckons you, entices you to have just one bite. ‘Sugar’ the enemy. So how do we keep the ‘sugar devil’ at bay? You need to own it in order to beat it, Desire is desire, temptation, apparent need and want. You need to really want to beat it; be selfaware of your eating habits and triggers, have the ability to tell yourself ‘no’, say it with confidence.

1. Be the change.

Bring fruit to balance out or replace the morning muffin or biscuit with your cup of tea. Start the day with a rich protein filled punch, cook bacon and eggs You’d be surprised how many people are secretly wishing this was their start to the day.

2. Exercise, exercise, exercise.

Allow yourself to embrace exercise, it might be a walk on the beach, a fitness class with friends or a run in the bush, whatever it is it is a great distraction from what you think you need.

3. Snooze.

Time for a cat nap. If you are feeling like something to eat check to see if what you are really feeling is hunger, or instead, stress, anger, loneliness or tiredness. I nearly always feel tired when I want something sweet, beat the craving with a power nap, 15mins is sometimes all you need.

4. Eat good fats.

A huge bar of chocolate (yum yum)!!! This is really your body saying I need some fat (good fat) an avocado or a handful of nuts are a great alternative, plan your snacks have them on hand this helps you avoid the go too chocolate bar.

5. Healthier alternatives.

Swap a processed bar (packed with sugar, read the label) for a hand full of seeds or a fist of cherry tomatoes, these are a go to in our house. Hit your local market for the best in season snacks.

6. Picture it.

Close your eyes and imagine what it is inside you that wants the sugar, seeing is believing, if the little cartoon inside you shows you the sugar devil wanting the sugar you can find it easier to say no. When a sugar craving hits remind yourself it is the sugar devil yelling for the sugar to help it thrive.

7. Say no to sugar foods, and eat protein.

I pack a lunch for my kids every day, fruit & vegies, some nuts, a boiled egg, sushi. It is nutritionally dense and will keep your energy levels up, helping you resist the sugar. Try it. Nutritious, fresh, no packet no rubbish.

8. Know your limit.

A tiny nibble? A bite? A small slice? It is so important that you are self-aware enough to know at what point you cave into the sugar demons.

9. Water, water, water.

Dehydration can make you feel lethargic which can drive the urge for a quick pick-me up. Between meals top up with a glass of water, gives you a full feeling and helps divert the sugar craving.

10. Walk around the supermarket.

Shop at the market, fresh is best, local is even better, know when and how the food is grown. At the supermarket avoid the aisles keep to things that need to be refrigerated, avoid things in packets. Reach for organic, it has to have grown, be rich in carbohydrate, protein and fat.