Latest Douglas Shire Netball results

Published Thursday 26 May 2016


Due to bad weather all junior teams were cancelled.


Young guns 1 defeated rattle1 - 49-16 (Best and fairest Bianca Higgins - players choice - Bianca Higgins and Hiromi Wall)

Cougars won by forfeit to Mudskippers


Stingers defeated spot on 44-41 (Best and fairest - Elle Kadwell, Players choice -Rachel Goodwin and MollyBendel)


Young guns2 defeated Habitavs 46-19 (Best and fairest- Tiah Maclean, Players choice - Belinda Wagstaff and Kyah Francis)

Rattle2 defeated Crocs 2 40-21 (Best and fairest - Kelly Evans, Players Chioce- Julianne Watkinson and Robyn Buick)

Crocs 3 won by forfeit to Tiddas


Young comets defeated young stars 16-2 (Best  and fairest Abbi Muller - players choice - Grace Cullen and Hollie Le -griffon)

Lightning vs diamonds - no score (Best and fairest- Dante Teirney, Players choice-Bella Musset andClaire Dueble)

Panthers defeated 7 Pointers 11-1 (Best and fairest- Sofia Cullen, players choice-SophieJeffrey and Jamie Burcome)

Red dragons defeated young gems 22-16 (Best and fairest- hazel Kitto - players choice- Bonita Soloman and Candace martinelli)

Young sapphires defeated Pythons 21-11 (Best and fairest- Jorja Harvey - Players choice- Jorja Harvey and Sophie Kirk)

Aftershock defeated young diamonds 20-5 (Best and fairest- Claire Dueble- Players Choice- Jamie Thurtell and Ebony Schonenberger)

Cougars 2 defeated Habitavs 27-23 (Best and fairest- Kate Padovan- players choice - Sharni Thomas and Kyeisha pitt)

Tiddas defeated spot on 44-17 (Best and fairest- jorja Connor players choice - Kiona Ryan and Sharni Cardwell)

Rattle. 2 defeated crocs 3 - 43-18 (Best and fairest- Jasmine Kirk, Players choice - jas Kirk and Kirsty Mayer)

Young guns 2  defeated stingers  38-15 (Best and fairest- Jenna Kerswell, Players choice- Georgia Macarthy and Rachel Goodwin)

Rattle 1 defeated mudskippers 34-23 (Best and fairest-Amy Watson, Players choice- Soraya pitcher and Serena Barnes)

Young guns defeated Cougars 1  43-29 (Best and fairest- Tahlia Pederson, Players choice- Lana Baxter and Madi Malone)