Kate Agrums WOD

Women of Douglas: Meet Kate Agrums

WORDS by Roy Weavers

Published Friday 13 May 2016

Kate Agrums is co-owner of the iconic Lady Douglas River Cruise and Daintree Magic Holiday House. She is a welcome Woman of Douglas for this magazine as a genuine born and bred local.  

Her cherished childhood memories were of her school holidays at Shipwreck Bay, where the family spent weeks on end fishing from their tinny, camping, swimming and having fun around the campfire.  

After leaving school she travelled around the world.  She spent 2 years in London as a photographer, before joining Royal Caribbean Cruise Line as a ship's photographer and travelled through 58 countries.

She has been married for 9 yrs and has three children.  In fact her 5 year old twins are very much involved in her greatest achievement, making the national press.  Husband Lucas got her up to Atherton for the delivery of her expected twins just as the biggest cyclone; Cyclone Yasi, was hitting our shores in 2011.  Normally Atherton Hospital does not handle twins, but this was an unavoidable special occasion.  Her twins Koen and Nova were delivered as the massive cyclone crossed the coast. Grandparents Jill, Bix, Marie and Peter and older brother Brae all helped out to get Kate and the twins back home safely after the big storm. Kate was in hospital for 7 days until the power was restored.

Needless to say the cyclone twins still make the news having just celebrated their fifth birthday on the fifth anniversary of cyclone Yasi.  

Kate and her family still love to get away in their spare time, Tinaroo in summer and Cow Bay in winter are their favorite places. However, their home on the Mowbray Valley Hill is tough to beat with its fabulous views and wide-open spaces.

The Lady Douglas River Cruise and Daintree Magic Holiday House, keep Kate very busy. In the season, Lady Douglas offers up to four tours a day.  Kate manages the business and bookings while Lucas operates the boat. Over the years The Lady Douglas has become world famous and is now in constant demand.  Lucas presents an educational and informative commentary during the tours.  With an excellent success rate of finding crocodiles and native wildlife, in their natural environment, it's an experience you won’t forget.

The well-travelled Kate is adamant that Port Douglas is the best spot in the world. Her two successful businesses add to the unique nature of the region. 

She describes herself as a busy, workaholic, control freak constantly juggling work with family life. 

Her moto is “ Be happy with what you’ve got.  Make the most of every day and don’t sit still for too long!”


For visitors to Port Douglas, Kate’s message is get out and enjoy every opportunity and have fun.