Douglas Netball Association - Round 4 results

Round 4 Douglas Netball Association results

Published Thursday 5 May 2016

Just a reminder that DNA is holding the Fowlers Cup Carnival this coming Mothers Day weekend , please come down to support the local Douglas teams and cheer them on.

We would also like to say a huge thank you to all the generous sponsors who have donated their money, time and effort into our only fundraiser of the year!

You will all be thanked personally in our next issue. 

Please let us know if anyone would still like to help out.



Panthers vs young diamonds (no score, points to Panthers. Players choice: Ebony Schonenberger and Lyra. Best and fairest: Hannah Schumacher)

Red dragons defeated young stars 12-3 (Players choice: Hazel Jitto and Emily Brown. Best and fairest: Eliza Kuik)

Young comets defeated young gems 13-1 (Players choice: Prue Dean and Dante Teirney. Best and fairest: Bridgette Mynott)

Lightning defeated 7 pointers 19-1 (Players choice: Evie cotton and Jesse. Best and fairest: Hollie)

Young diamonds defeated bluebirds 20-8 (Players choice: Ainsley Port and Michaela Fisher. Best and fairest: Mia Shrieber)

Aftershock drew with pythons 12-12 (Best and fairest: Chiara Millani. Players choice: Taleisha Caswell and Kakeesha Savage)


Div 1:

Cougars 1 defeated mudskippers 50-28 (Players choice: Nichelle Pitt and Soraya Pitcher. Best and fairest: Cassandra Cairns)

Rattle 1 defeated young guns 1 30-24 (Best and fairest: Saisha Schonenberger. Players choice - Milly Treaay and Tamika Scott).

Div 2/3:

Tiddas defeated cougars2 30-17 (Best and fairest: Jorja Connor. Players choice: Maddie Feildingand and Kyeisha Pitt)

Crocs 2 defeated Spot on 61-18 (Best and fairest: Mel Ryan. Players choice: Jess Fraser and Anita Harold)

Habitavs defeated stingers 34-8 (Best and fairest: Alex Heidke. Players choice: Emily Callander and Katrina Caswell)

Young guns2 defeated rattle 2 41-12 (Best and fairest: Jenna Kerswell. Players choice: Georgia Macarthy and Robyn Buick)