Chrissy Bellero

Women of Douglas: Meet Chrissy Bellero

WORDS by Roy Weavers

Published Friday 13 May 2016

Our next Woman of Douglas story is almost a love story that you’d read in a best selling romance. Chrissy was born in Germany and came to Port Douglas with a friend in 1999 on a holiday visa when she met her future husband, Mossman born Jason.

After Chrissy’s holiday Visa ran out the two moved to Germany for almost 2 years where she went back to her Executive Assistant job in a well known software company. When her permanent residency was approved Jason and Chrissy moved back here and Jason went back to a fly in fly out mining job. They have two kids, Marlon 9 and Sasha 6. 

Chrissy turned her creativity and life long passion for makeup into a job as a makeup artist and together with a business partner and friend who is a talented hair stylist she started Port Douglas Hair and Makeup (PDHM). PDHM specialises in Wedding Parties and photo shoots and has built a great reputation in the industry. 

She says her friends and family describe her as strong and efficient and when she got diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2014 she found out how strong she really is. Determined to beat cancer into remission she went through operations, chemo therapy and radiation for 12 months and today she considers this as her greatest achievement apart from having her beautiful children. 

Going through this fight also confirmed her admiration for her husband who supported and cared for her every step of the way. “He sees good in every situation and his positivity and calm nature helped me every day throughout my illness”. Having to fight this disease has taught her to take one step at the time and her father’s favourite saying “Look at the glass as half full and not half empty” became a new meaning. She says she is very lucky to be part of such a tight nit Family here in Australia (her husbands fam) and her Family in Germany knew she was looked after! If she could give one piece of advice it would be to never lose your sense of humour, no matter what obstacles life throws you, you got to be able to have a good old laugh about things.  

In 2015 Chrissy and a close friend re-started the Mossman Meteors Swim Club which runs in Port and Mossman Pool. In a short amount of time it gained 60 members, not bad considering they set a target of 15 in its first year. The club is run by volunteers who pour their heart and soul into it. She says it is her way of giving back to the community and seeing all those kids swim and have fun is a great feeling. 

This year Chrissy is most excited about another new venture with her husband, the opening of the Lighthouse Café on the Esplanade. It is going to be crazy and fun and a juggling act between her Wedding Parties, the Swim Club and the Lighthouse Café. The absolute best thing about it is that her hubby, who will be running the café, will be able to stay at home now with her and the kids. 

If she could invite ANYONE, her guests for dinner, that is if she can find the time, would be: Her Dad from Germany who passed away whilst Chrissy herself battled illness, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and to lighten the mood Robin Williams the US comedian.  She may be able to sneak in her favourite indulgence which her sister sends her on a regular basis from Germany - Luebecker Marzipan - but she insists she wouldn’t share.

Her final thoughts are quite profound…”When you feel down and you think the world is against you, always look at what you have. Not at the things you don’t have. You might just find out that you have more than you need to consider yourself lucky”