UPDATE: EHP report facts on dead croc

Published Tuesday 5 January 2016

UPDATE: A deceased 2.25 m crocodile was reported to EHP on Sunday 3 January by a member of the public who saw the animal on the yacht club side of Port Douglas Marina.

The member of the public dragged the carcass on to the shore for collection and it was removed by wildlife officers from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection on the same day.

A thorough examination by wildlife officers revealed no evident mark or injury and no information has been received to suggest the likely cause of death. A broken crab pot was found in the vicinity of the animal but there is no way of knowing whether it was related to the incident.

There are no rules around crab pots as such but people are reminded to exercise Crocwise behaviour as crocodiles are often attracted to crab pots. Crocwise behaviour includes:

  • Obey croc warning signs Don’t swim or let domestic pets swim in waters where crocs may live
  • Be aware that crocodiles also swim in the ocean
  • Stand back from the water when fishing or cast netting
  • Never provoke, harass or feed crocs Never leave food, fish scraps or bait near the water, a camp site or boat ramp
  • Never interfere with or fish or boat near crocodile traps, and Always supervise children
  • Remember, you are responsible for your own safety in croc country. 


Further information on being CrocWise is available at:

EHP Living With Crocodiles

Crocodile sightings can be reported to EHP on 1300 130 372 and the department investigates all crocodile reports it receives.