Fitness equipment on the Esplanade

Published Wednesday 20 January 2016

Contractors will commence installation of $30,000 worth of outdoor fitness equipment on the Esplanade in Port Douglas today, Wednesday 20 January.


  • <link dsc-to-install-fitness-equipment-on-four.13191.0.html>DSC to install fitness equipment


As part of the councils $19 million capital works budget, four pieces of fitness equipment will be installed, including chin-up bars, a leg lift/dip bar, pull-up bars and a sit-up board.

The Mayor has previously stated that council is aiming to install fitness equipment at various key public locations throughout Port Douglas so that people can do a circuit around the Open Spaces network of parks for fitness activities.

Work will take approximately one week weather permitting.

Work timetable will be:

  • 20/01/16 to 21/01/16 - Site preparation and installation of sub base and fitness equipment.
  • 22/01/16 – Installation of concrete edging. Edging will be allowed to cure for approximately four days.
  • 27/01/16 – Installation of artificial turf and site cleanup.

It is anticipated that contractors will commence the replacement of Kopper log bollards at the Port Douglas Sports Complex in the week beginning 25 January.

Removal of existing bollards at the Sports Complex will start next week in preparation. This will then be followed by the replacement of the Kopper log bollards on the Esplanade.