‘Why did the croc cross the road?’ Port Douglas driver stopped by two metre crocodile on Captain Cook Highway


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A two metre crocodile rests on the middle of the Captain Cook Highway near Port Douglas last night. IMAGE: Instagram.

A LOCAL driver came across an interesting roadblock on the Captain Cook Highway last night.

Jessica Rogers, from Port Douglas, was stunned to see a two metre crocodile crossing the road near the Hartley’s crocodile park turn off, bringing her car to a halt.

“Waiting for this croc to cross the road last night” she posted on social media in amazement at the encounter.

Her quick snap shows the crocodile resting in the middle of the highway at 10.30pm, seemingly enjoying the warm bitumen on a typically balmy evening. The sight is not uncommon in Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory, but rarely is it captured on film.

“We were driving back to Port Douglas from the Cairns Airport when we saw a crocodile's head bobbing up and down in the distance,” Rogers, who is originally from New Zealand, told Newsport.

“We couldn’t believe it. I had always wanted to see a crocodile that close up in the wild, I just never expected it to be in the middle of a road.”

After some laughter and flashing of car lights, the wandering croc slowly moved on towards the grass by the side of the road.

So, why did the crocodile cross the road? Maybe it was following the chicken.