Scam targets Far North Queensland businesses


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POLICE are advising local business operators to be wary of a recent scam attempt at a Cairns business.

Operators of a long-standing CBD restaurant were contacted by telephone on Wednesday last week by a male caller who stated that he was employed by an energy supplier.

The caller advised the business operator that the electricity meter on the property was faulty and required replacement, with the cost of $1000 to be borne by the business.

The caller further stated that the payment for that amount needed to be immediately transferred to a nominated bank account within the hour, otherwise disconnection of the electricity supply would be imminent.

Suspecting fraudulent intent, the astute business operator obtained all possible details from the caller before phoning the energy company, where staff confirmed that the call was indeed a scam.

Scammers regularly target busy businesses in the hope that bogus payments will be forthcoming as part of monthly account payments with police reminding operators to be vigilant.

For further information on scams, or to report scams visit the Scam Watch website.