Crematorium to ease travel burden for mourners


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Mourners in the Douglas Shire can now have loved ones cremated locally. IMAGE: Supplied.

DOUGLAS shire residents no longer need to travel to Cairns for cremations now that Mossman and Port Douglas Community Funerals has installed a cremator in its Mossman premises.

Community Funerals Directors Paul Rasmussen and Stephen Oldham have announced the region’s first cremator is now in operation at their Sawmill Road premises and say the move will greatly reduce the distances that people travel to have a cremation.

“Our local cremator will mean local residents can be reassured that their loved ones can be cremated locally by people who they know and trust,” Rasmussen says.

Rasmussen said the installation of the cremator is another example of the company’s expansion and commitment to the area.

The locally-owned company offers services from three offices across the far north, servicing The Tablelands, Cairns, Mossman and Port Douglas and surrounding districts.