Council’s ‘lame excuses’ slammed by The Tin Shed after land bid rejected


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Manager of the The Port Douglas District Combined Club, Kim Rowley, is not impressed with Council's decision. IMAGE: Howard Salkow - Newsport.

THE Port Douglas District Combined Club, or The Tin Shed, has been dealt a body blow after the club’s submission to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines to purchase the land they situated on, has been rejected by Douglas Shire Council.

And club manager Kim Rowley told Newsport that Council had provided “lame excuses” in not supporting the submission.

“They identified it’s on the waterfront; crown land should not be sold and the club’s previous history under a different management.

“It’s funny to hear our Mayor talk about the past problems of the club as part of their justification. They must have forgotten the problems of the Council prior to de-amalgamation,” said Rowley.

“As far as I am concerned, these are weak, lame duck excuses and again underlines the hurdles in place to move the town forward.”

Rowley said Council also expressed the concern that if the club folded, and they did own the land, there could be a need to sell the property. “This is not possible as we are not-for-profit,” said Rowley, who has managed the club for the past five years.

The Tin Shed is community-driven and has 4,000 members, two thirds of which are locals and is a significant supporter of community organisations and sporting clubs.

“This is a real kick in the gut. However, this has not deterred the Management Committee and they will submit another request prior to the next Council election.

“In the meantime I’d like the community to let Council know at every opportunity that we are a community club supporting locals,” he said.

Rowley added that a podcast outlining Council’s reasons has been removed. “I wish I knew who did this, it certainly wasn’t me.”