Local printer global leader

Published Monday 2 May 2016

LEICHHARDT MP Warren Entsch has congratulated the team at Lotsa Print and Design who have shown how a regional Far Northern business can top their field internationally.

Across their printing sites, Lotsa is currently maintaining a ‘Mellow Colour’ ISO 12647 colour Quality Management System (QMS) certification, a demanding regime that requires constant attention, precision and six-monthly audits on printing outputs such as colour and quality.

“It was great to meet with the owner of Lotsa, Peter Martin, and his team at the Craiglie office and printing premises,” Mr Entsch said.

“Peter showed me the computer system which continually monitors the colour and quality of their printing, and it’s just amazing – I have a whole new appreciation for the process behind the printing that we get done through Lotsa.

“Peter told me that businesses must aim for a minimum score of 70 per cent to maintain the basic certification, but Lotsa is far and away exceeding this.

“In September, they got an audit score of 95 per cent and in March, they received a score of 100 per cent – the highest they can get, and the first time anywhere in the world this has been achieved.

“I often talk about the expertise and talent that we have here in Far Northern Queensland – and Northern Australia more broadly – and about the potential to export this expertise to other tropical zones around the world.

“This is a fabulous example where a business has learned how to overcome the challenges of operating in a regional area - with what can be a very testing climate - and it’s this kind of knowledge that will put them head and shoulders above the competition.”