"School is cool" - new Year 1 students finish first day

Tuesday January 27 2015, 5:00pm

For many kids in Port Douglas and elsewhere, today was the first day of a whole new world as they took on their first day at school. 

Parents clustered outside the Year 1’s classroom at Port Douglas State School to pick up students after a long first day. 

Newsport caught up with Year 1 students Cian White, 4, and Arlo Hansford, 6, who live across the street from one another and both had a good first day. 

“I liked it because we went to the library,” Arlo said. 

“I think school is cool.”

While they were well-behaved during class, both Arlo and Cian lost points with their mothers for not eating all of their packed lunches. 

Cian claims he was ‘saving his for later’. 

Cian’s mum Deena Baylis said even though she had two older children, including one starting high school at Mossman State High today, it was still an emotional challenge to leave Cian behind for his first day. 

“It’s always hard to leave them, no matter how many times you do it, you get a little choked up,” Ms Baylis said.